NOTICE:  The validity period for this module will end on October 15, 2021. Kindly complete on or before said date.  

For those who are unable to complete by October 15,  a new module on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills will be released on October 12, 2021. We can enroll you in the module, for free, upon request. 

Please note however that when we reenroll you, you will have to restart the training from the beginning.  

For new enrollees, you may opt to wait for the new module which will have a validity period from October 12, 2021 to January 11, 2022.




Learn how to build up to an inescapable conclusion

Building up arguments to a conclusion

Familiarize with the 3 parts:

  • Focus, Rhetoric, Presentation

Learn how to use rich imagery

Imagery and visual aids, slideshows

Identify and understand the 3 contents:

  • Opening
  • Evidences
  • Conclusion

Learn the importance and application of audience interaction

Audience interaction

Engaging your audience, eye contact, avoiding fillers

Understand how to use various tools and tehcniques in public speaking

tools and tehcniques in public speaking

Understand how to apply the use of body language, hand gestures and to ultimately deliver your speech or presentation with confidence

Reinforce facts and principles covered in the lesson

Slides/Reading Materials

Recapture an overview of and retain in memory the block chain concepts and its effects on the CPA profession

Master the facts and principles covered in the lesson

Short Quiz

Gain mastery of the principles and applications covered in the module


*EVALUATION by the CPD PROVIDER: Passing rate is 75%. Participant can stream the training video and retake for an unlimited number of times until the subject is mastered.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Recap and Outline

  • 2

    Class Resources

    • Public Speaking for Professionals - Part 2 Handouts

    • Public Speaking for Professionals - Part 2 Slides

  • 3

    Delivering Your Speech

    • Pacing and Rhetoric

    • Musicality of Speech

    • Articulation

    • Mannerisms

    • Build Your Vocabulary

    • Engaging Your Audience

  • 4

    Using Visual Aids

    • Visual Aids

  • 5

    Practicing Your Speech

    • Practice Your Speech

  • 6

    The Complete Speech

    • Five Elements of a Complete Speech

  • 7

    Case Study

    • Sarah's Office Party Speech

    • Help Sarah Prepare a Complete Speech

  • 8

    Exercise -Preparing Your Speech

    • Preparing Your Speech

  • 9

    Exercise - Practicing Your Speech

    • Practice your Speech

  • 10

    Exercise - Delivering Your Speech

    • Delivering In Front of an Audience

  • 11

    Key Points

    • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills - 2 Key Points

  • 12


    • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Professionals

  • 13


    • Sources

  • 14

    Evaluation Form

    • Evaluation Form and Attendance Sheet (as required under PRC Resolution no. 1244 Series of 2020)

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