Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Overview

  • 2


    • Handouts Stock Market Investing and Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investments

    • Lecture Slides: Stock Market Investing

    • Lecture Slides: Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investments

  • 3

    Reviewing the Basics: Stocks and Shareholder Rights

    • What is a Stock

    • Forms of Stocks

    • Preemptive Right

    • Voting Rights

    • Preferred Stocks

  • 4

    The PSE EDGE as an Information Resource

    • The PSE EDGE

  • 5

    Profiting from Equity Investments

    • Types of Dividends

    • Dates to Remember When Dividends are Declared

    • Capital Gains

    • How a Trading Account Works

    • Order Flow and Stock Prices

    • Stock Trading Costs, Board Lots and Other Considerations in Trading

    • Illustration: Computing Gains and Losses

  • 6


    • SECTION REVIEW: Stock Market Investing

  • 7

    Fundamental Analysis

    • Introduction

    • Analyzing EPS, PER and Price Targets

    • Analyzing EPS, PER and Price Ranges

    • Comparing Valuations Based on PE Ratio

    • Illustration: Investment Decisions Based on PE Ratios

    • Understanding Trailing and Forward PE Ratios

    • Liquidity and Money Flow

    • Sentiment

  • 8


    • Section Review: Fundamental Analysis

  • 9

    Portfolio Management

    • What is Portfolio Management?

    • Factors Considered in Portfolio Management

    • The Portfolio Management Process

    • Investors' Objectives and Constraints

    • Capital Market and Economic Conditions

    • Capital Market Expectations

    • Optimal Portfolio and Portfolio Evaluation

    • Types of Portfolio

  • 10


    • Section Review : Portfolio Management

  • 11


    • The Snowball Effect: A Case Study on San Miguel Corporation Dividends

    • Conclusion

    • Case Questions

  • 12


    • Key Points

  • 13

    QUIZ: Stock Market Investing and Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investments

    • QUIZ: Stock Market Investing and Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investments

  • 14


    • Evaluation Form and Attendance Sheet (as required under PRC Resolution no. 1244 Series of 2020)

Professionals in accounting and finance often come across various aspects of equity investment and the stock market industry. This course covers basic concepts in equity investments and fundamental analysis. It discusses the different factors that move stock prices and valuations such as PE Ratios, liquidity, and market sentiment. It aims to equip the investor to make informed decisions using fundamental analysis in stock trading, portfolio management and investments. CPAs, auditors, CFOs, treasurers, managers, business owners, board directors, decision-makers, and business consultants will greatly benefit from this course.