This 69 CPD Unit Bundle provides the minimum required credit units per competence area required under BoA Resolution 2017-254, particularly for those seeking BoA accreditation or ASEAN CPA status.
  • 36 Units Competence Area A

  • 27 Units Competence Area B

  • 6 Units Competence Area C

Competence Area A (36 CPD Units)

Technical Competence

  • Blockchain Technology and the Accountancy Profession (3 CPD Units)

  • Cash Flow Management (4.5 CPD Units)

  • Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes (4.5 CPD Units)

  • Introduction to Inventory Management (1.5 CPD Untis)

  • Root Cause Analysis (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Stock Market Investing and Fundamental Analysis for Equity Investments (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Technical Analysis for Financial Markets (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Understanding Data Privacy Law (3 CPD Units)

  • Withholding Taxes Under TRAIN and CREATE Laws (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Overview of Internal Control (1.5 CPD Units)


  • Anti-Money Laundering Series (12 CPD Units)

Competence Area B (27 CPD Units)

Professional Skills

  • Conducting Facilitative Meetings (3 CPD Units)

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Professionals (3 CPD Units)

  • Developing the Culture of Service Excellence for CPAs (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Building Client Relationships Through Salesmanship Skills (3 CPD Units)

  • Business Dining Etiquette for Professionals (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Business Etiquette in Different Cultures (3 CPD Units)

  • Principles of Management (1.5 CPD Units)

  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach to Problem Solving in Business (4.5 CPD Units)

  • Negotiation Skills (3 CPD Units)

  • Total Quality Management (3 CPD Units)

Competence Area C (6 CPD Units)

Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes

  • Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants - Fundamental Principles and the Conceptual Framework (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants - Threats and Safeguards (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants in Business (1.5 CPD Units)

  • Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants - Updates (1.5 CPD Units)

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